The spirit of Vienna
Mix yourself a taste of Vienna from its best side with ORGANICS by Red Bull and Schönbrunn Vienna Spirits

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Raise a glass to Schönbrunn!

Our range at Schönbrunn Spirits comprises a selection of high quality wines, sparkling wines and spirits, such as schnapps, rum, gin and the matching non-alcoholic drinks for preparing cocktails. Our exceptional products are exclusively produced and bottled in Austria.

The spirit of Vienna

Vienna. Vienna is its Empress Elisabeth, Vienna is its unique sarcastic sense of humour, Vienna is its artworks, Vienna is the excitement of clubbing and the pleasure of relaxing in old coffee houses. Vienna is its own outlook on life. It is this outlook on life, this spirit of Vienna, that has been distilled in all its facets to make our drinks.


Rezept Frische Sisi
Frische Sisi
»A cocktail that sparkles like a wedding of the Habsburg family.«
Rezept Wiener Schmäh
Wiener Schmäh
»There is nothing as dry and that hits the spot like Vienna’s sense of humour – the “Wiener Schmäh.«
Rezept Rum Cooler
Rum Cooler
»As celebrated as Queen Maria Theresia, as cool as ice.«
Rezept Vienna Colada
Vienna Colada
»Enjoy summer under the palms of Danube Island.«
Rezept Hundertwasserl
»There is only one thing better than one hundred waters. And that’s one hundred cocktails.«
Rezept Willi Sour
Willi Sour
»A pairing that won’t leave you bitter.«

Vienna Spirits in action!
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